The people of Prey Veng province will live in a good environment with a good living condition, have good health, dignity and justice with no violence.

ODOV will be working with the community to:
- Enhance food security through developing agriculture and business
- Enhance the well-being of the environment
- Promote peace and justice
So the Cambodian people may improve their quality of life.




Organization to Develop Our Villages (ODOV) is a non-profit and non-government organization.  ODOV’s goal is to work toward the empowerment and increase the capacity of community based organizations in Mesang to meet the basic needs of disadvantaged communities appropriately and in sustainable ways.

The Needs:  Prey Veng Province In southeastern Cambodia has a population of well over one million people living in 12 different districts. The Mesang district of this province has a population of 108,000 living in 118 small villages. This district, which is 85 percent agricultural, is plagued with inadequate food production due to frequent droughts, problems of poor health care, conflict, a lack of governmental infrastructure, and the insufficient means for financing new businesses and developing new sources of income.

The Work:  Current ODOV programs directly benefit over 6,700 villagers: pregnant women, children, farmers, students, poor laborers and local small business people, including over 1,000 members of community based organizations.        

ODOV has defined a four-part program to alleviate poverty, ensure food security and improve the health and living conditions of thousands of poor rural farmers and laborers in the 22 villages we serve. Our holistic community development program addresses the specific needs of health care, agriculture, income generation, village banks, savings groups, community capacity building and the promotion of peaceful living. A brief description of our objectives and activities in the four major areas is provided below.